Enough of Bill O’ Reilly AND HIS Propaganda.

Okay, maybe its hard to exploit Bill O’ Reilly as a propagandous figure. But to label him as bias, I think I have all the right in the world. He criticizes Dick Wolf, producer of the Law and Order series on NBC, for pushing his progreesive viewpoint on his show — Well what the fuck is Bill O’ Reilly doing??? Bill, you do the same thing. You exploit your viewpoint on extremely important issues in America. So why can’t Dick Wolf? Your no different then him. You label him as entertainment. Well your entertainment too Bill-O. Your not the news. And your certainly not the source of important media I would reccomend to the children or even the adults of our country, or any country for that matter. O’ Reilly is just pissed because someone called him out on his bias. Now, I am not defending Dick Wolf, althought i may agree with his accusing message (im not sure… in all seriousness, I think it was just an episode of Law and Order, and Bill is being a cry baby), however, Im certainly not sticking up for Bill O’ Reilly who does the same sort accusing in his “entertaining” show. Keyword is entertaing. Its entertainment, not news (referring to the Bill O’ Reilly show on Fox News Channel). Hypocrite.

And let also be known, that if Dick Wolf was stating a political viewpoint of outrage toward corporations that dont pay fair wages, etc, etc. Than I’ll have to process Dick Wolf as hypocrite as well. Law and Order has commercials doesn’t it Dick? Well guess what Dick? Your helping the corporations in selling their products. So if you really wanna be that bold as to say such a thing with political conviction, than dont support the very thing your speaking against.

But then again, maybe it was just an episode of Law and Order…

…Best regards…and best intentions…

here are some sources to check out:
http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,580003,00.html – the story
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Wolf – the producer
http://www.tnt.tv/stories/story/?oid=525 – the Tv Show


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