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Let me say that I’m what you may call “extremely interested” in the concept of authority in our country. The majority of social institutions in our society hold some sense of Authority. Whether that authority be your boss, the cops, a deity, etc. Authority has been and continues to be alive and well in our lives.

The video above is definitely a YUCKIE (a video that makes me go – yuck!). This sermon is about to be ripped apart by me. I mean no disrespect to the religious views of the above video, however I DO mean ALL disrespect to the concept of authority exhibited in this video.

              The sermon begins with a note from a girl who was caught at a fork in the road caused by the concept of Authority. Her father didn’t believe in Jesus and he didn’t want his daughter to believe in him (or his religion) either. So you have daddy, who doesn’t want his daughter, who claims to REALLY believe in Jesus, to have NO part in christianity. It came to the point where Daddy forbid his daughter to go to Church!

              The father is obviously an abuser of power and authority. He believes so strongly in his authority that he forbids his own daughter to take part in a religious ritual, that she has complete faith and belief in. The father is using his authoritative title as “the patriarch” to restrict the girl’s given right to practice any religion she chooses.

              Well, if I believed in Jesus, and my father was telling me to NOT partake in the necessary ritual to worship my chosen deity, than I would have no choice – DISOBEY the dad. If I truly believed in it, I would have no choice. And then you have the whole individual crisis of, “am I going to hell if i disobey Jesus to obey my paternal father?” There is no legitimate authority given to parents that allows them to dictate what their children can believe and/or disbelieve in.

             And yet, it seems to me thats the general consensus of most parents – That they CAN! It’s absurd. If i don’t believe in God, I sure in the hell am not going to get anything out of partaking in a religion. Yet, every time I turn on the Radical Christian radio station, a Christian DJ, or a preacher is telling parents that they need to make their children believe in Christ. They dont flat-out say to brainwash the children, but they might as well. They treat the fact that a person who doesn’t accept Christ should be treated as if they are…ah hell…essentially treated as though they are possessed by the Devil himself. Give me a break. Its called Intelligence. Humans have the intelligent benefit of being able to believe in something or not.

BUT IT GETS BETTER! THE GIRL OBEYS THE FATHER! THE AUTHORITY! She obeys one Authority, and ultimately obeys another authority – honor my father and mother. This girl has completely submitted her life to authority in respect to this event. When posed with the question, should I disobey my father? she doesnt consult her self for the answer. She doesn’t critically think about what choice would better suit her life, or her happiness. SHE SUBMITS TO AUTHORITY. Ugh. It makes me sick almost. This complete submission to Authority has erased her freedom of choice.

And Mr. Preacher guy in the video says that she obeyed her father because he was “Testing her convictions..” NO! He wasn’t testing anything. He didn’t want her to go to church. He sold her car so she wouldn’t go to church. The end. Now of course no one knows (except the father himself) if the father was testing her convictions or not. But i can make a fair assumption that due to this man’s already authoritarian view of his family, that he was doing it for the simple reason that he saw himself as the authority. In his eyes, he controlled what his daughter did, not her.

If he was testing anything, it wasnt her convictions of believing in Christ… No no-no. He was testing his authority over her. And he got his answer. He had total control over that girl. And he may have died lonely as the letter states, but he died having completely gained authority over his daughter, in respect to the event in discussion.

And it’s just as disturbing that people follow the Peters bible excerpt, so delicately and perfectly titled Submit. The bible is teaching its followers to submit to Human Institutions. That means if you believe in Jesus, you better obey the cops. Even if one of them is wronging you, may it be sexual harassment or anything, it does not matter, you HAVE to obey the human institution of law. And you have to obey your boss, because he is on the hierarchy of that human institution.

I hate that this “pastor” is using this bible quote to promote complete submission to Authority. It scares me, because there are a lot of christians and if all of them buy into this, i am scared for society. You cant blindly follow authority just because the human institution tells you to. You have to THINK FOR YOURSELF. You DONT HAVE to blindly follow authority just because of your religion or your beliefs. You can think for yourself, and choose to follow a certain norm or not.

And then the “pastor” goes into the story about a girl being abused by a man. And a religious official told her to get out of the relationship. She refused. The “pastor” says she was wrong. But what did he JUST say before that. HE SUBMIT. and thats what the girl was doing. She submitted to her abusive boyfriend. She submitted to his abusive authority.

He had to bring up weed??? oh brother.
You don’t have to submit to human institutions. Please think for yourself. Think before you submit to authority. I’m not saying go out and do whatever you want. Control yourself. Make the right choices for yourself. Dont do the right thing because AUTHORITY SAYS YOU CAN. Dont smoke crack because you know its dangerous, not because Authority tells you not to. Dont steal from your friend because you know and realize its wrong, not because Authority says its illegal. Dont let authority scare you into NOT living. Live according to what you believe is right/or wrong.

Best regards…best intentions…


Enough of Bill O’ Reilly AND HIS Propaganda.

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Okay, maybe its hard to exploit Bill O’ Reilly as a propagandous figure. But to label him as bias, I think I have all the right in the world. He criticizes Dick Wolf, producer of the Law and Order series on NBC, for pushing his progreesive viewpoint on his show — Well what the fuck is Bill O’ Reilly doing??? Bill, you do the same thing. You exploit your viewpoint on extremely important issues in America. So why can’t Dick Wolf? Your no different then him. You label him as entertainment. Well your entertainment too Bill-O. Your not the news. And your certainly not the source of important media I would reccomend to the children or even the adults of our country, or any country for that matter. O’ Reilly is just pissed because someone called him out on his bias. Now, I am not defending Dick Wolf, althought i may agree with his accusing message (im not sure… in all seriousness, I think it was just an episode of Law and Order, and Bill is being a cry baby), however, Im certainly not sticking up for Bill O’ Reilly who does the same sort accusing in his “entertaining” show. Keyword is entertaing. Its entertainment, not news (referring to the Bill O’ Reilly show on Fox News Channel). Hypocrite.

And let also be known, that if Dick Wolf was stating a political viewpoint of outrage toward corporations that dont pay fair wages, etc, etc. Than I’ll have to process Dick Wolf as hypocrite as well. Law and Order has commercials doesn’t it Dick? Well guess what Dick? Your helping the corporations in selling their products. So if you really wanna be that bold as to say such a thing with political conviction, than dont support the very thing your speaking against.

But then again, maybe it was just an episode of Law and Order…

…Best regards…and best intentions…

here are some sources to check out:
http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,580003,00.html – the story
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Wolf – the producer
http://www.tnt.tv/stories/story/?oid=525 – the Tv Show

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“If I were God, I’d quit…” – Me

First Quote

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“Causes worth fighting for, should not be left in the hands of the majority…” – Me